Frequently Asked Questions

SMAYSO Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When is registration?
A: Fall Registration will begin July 1st and end September 1st. Any forms received after the end date will be placeed on a waiting list and a team is NOT guaranteed.

Q: What are the levels of play?

  • Rec Division 4- All players that are U10 (under 10) and below that are playing REC soccer
  • Division 3- All players U11 and above that are playing at the rec level
  • Division 2- All players U11 and above that are playing on a competitive team listed as D2
  • Division SII- All players U11 and above that are playing on a competitive team listed as SII
Q: How much are the registration fees?
A: Fees are $60.00 for U5 age group, U6 Rec is $70.00, U8 is $80.00 and U10 is $85.00. Fees for recreational traveling teams that are U11-U19 are $95.00. Select fees for U11-U19 are $175.00 per player. Please note that D2 Select, Super 2 and DI teams may be charged additional fees to cover any trainer costs as determined by coach.

Q: What do my registration fees pay for?
A: All fees paid to SMAYSO will cover the following; shirt, shorts and socks for all Rec players U18 and below, maintenance fees for the upkeep of the fields and insurance to cover all registered players under AAYSA requirements.

Q: Who will be my child(ren's) Coach?

A: Ages U18 Rec and younger, all coaches are volunteer parent or TX State student coaches. Ages 11 and older D2 Select or Super 2 will have a mixture of parent-coaches and/or trainers.

Q. When will I hear from a Coach?
A: Fall registration ends Sepetember 1st. Teams will start to be formed within 2 weeks of this date. All coaches will communicate to parents with team information via phone or email .

Q. When will the season start?
 A: The Fall season will begin the beginning of September and Spring season will begin the beginning of March.

Q. How many times a week will my child(ren's) practice?
A: It depends on the coach. Most U6 teams will only practice once a week. Sometimes U8 and above Rec teams will practice at least once if not twice during a week- that will be determined by your child(ren's) coach. Select teams may vary.

Q. When are games?
A: U10 and below Rec games will be played every Saturday at home, our SMAYSO fields, and occasionally during the week. U12 Rec and above and all Select D2 and Super 2 teams will either play at home or travel to surrounding cities on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Game times will vary.

Q. What items will my child(ren) need to play soccer?
A: Your child(ren) will need the following; a soccer ball (size depending on the level of play they are in- please see your coach for more details), shin guards to be worn at ALL TIMES for the safety of your child, soccer cleats, NOT baseball cleats as these are different and baseball cleats will tear up our fields. You can purchase these at Academy or any sporting goods store. A water bottle is also important to bring to keep your child(ren) hydrated during all practices/games.

Q. I would like to be a parent volunteer for my child(ren's) team, what can I do to help?
A: We are always happy to have parents volunteer to help the team! Please ask your child(ren's) coach if you can help assistant coach, be the team mom, which may involve making up a snack schedule every week for the team or sending out emails or making calls to team parents regarding any important team information. Please see your coach for more details.


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